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Places To Visit In Mussoorie: Queen Of Hills

Mussoorie is also known as the “Queen of hills” which is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It is basically a hill station which is visited by a lot of people due to its natural beauty.

Mussoorie is Founded by East India Company. Many People Come on the hill for shooting game and many come here for seeing natural beauty.

Mussoorie is about 30 km away from Dehradun. The altitude of Mussoorie is approx 6100 ft. Article Includes places to visit in Mussoorie, the best time to visit, Temperature, location.

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Best Places To Visit In Mussoorie

  1. Kempty Falls
  2. Mussoorie Lake
  3. Mossy Falls
  4. Bhatta Fall
  5. Gun Hill Point
  6. Lal Tibba Scenic Point
  7. Herne Hill
  8. Cloud End
  9. Shikhar Fall
  10. Jawahar Aquarium
  11. Nag Devta Temple
  12. George Everest Peak
  13. Union Church
  14. Benog Tibba
  15. Camels Back road

1- Kempty Falls

kempty falls
Kempty Falls
#1 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Kempty fall is a waterfall which is in Ram Gaon. It is approximately 8 miles away from Mussoorie.

Kempty fall is surrounded by high altitude mountains. Kempty Fall attracts approximately 10 Lakhs tourists.

This tourist spot is developed by British Officer in 1835. It is a famous picnic spot but now it becomes the most visited tourist place in Mussoorie.

Most of the tourists who come to Kempty fall they also take a refreshing bath under the fall.

Location: It is in Ram Gaon which is in Tehri Garhwal District.

Best Time To Visit: March-June (Summers).

Temperature: 17.8 °C (Annual Average).

2- Mussoorie Lake

mussoorie lake
Mussoorie Lake
#2 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a hill station having very beautiful nature views and lots of falls and lakes. One of them is “Mussoorie Lake” which is a man-made lake developed by Mussoorie-Dehradun Development authority.

Lake is surrounded by Hills Which gives an awesome view of greenery. It is located on the top of the mountain.

On the edge of the lake, there are peddled boats for rent by which you can enjoy the calmness of the lake. It is a perfect place for family, Couples, friends to spend quality time and have fun there.

In order to visit this lake, you have to pay some fees and the best time to visit Mussoorie lake is a monsoon.

Location: Dhobhi Ghat Which is near to Mussoorie.

Best Time To Visit: In Winters or Monsoon.

Temperature: 14.9 °C (Annual Average).

3- Mossy Falls

mossy falls
Mossy Fall
#3 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Mossy Fall is located in a dark forest which is approximately 6 KM away from Mussoorie.

Tourists love to visit these places due to its location between dense forest and less rush of people there and crystal clear water of the fall

Mossy fall is also a popular picnic spot and this is the final major waterfall. Tourist also comes here for camping because it is near to forests.

Thousands of tourists come here quarterly with their families, friends. Half of the tourists are with their families

Location: It is in Barlow Ganj of Mussoorie.

Best Time To Visit: Monsoon And Winter.

Temperature: 19.5 °C (Annual Average).

4- Bhatta Fall

bhatta falls
Bhatta Falls
#4 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Butta Falls is in quite a place and surrounded by mountains of Uttarakhand. A lot of tourists find this place enjoyable and relaxing environment.

It is approximately 7 KM away from Mussoorie and located in Bhatta village near Mussoorie. Bhatta Fall can be easily reached by road through bus or car.

Water comes from the mountains and makes a pool of water. Tourist of various age groups bath and play in Bhatta fall. There are a few stalls of basic foods like eggs, noodle, coffee, soup, etc.

Location: It is in Bhatta Gaon On Mussoorie Road.

Best Time To Visit: March-June.

Temperature: 10 °C (Min.) and 30 °C (Max.).

5- Gun Hill Point

Gun Hill Point Mussoorie
“Gun Hill Point”
#5 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Gun Hill is a historical place and second highest peak mountain in Mussoorie. Gunn hill and The Mall of Mussoorie is connected by cable cars.

These Mountains are a very popular place among photographers, they come there to click pictures of the beautiful nature scenes.

Gun Hill is walking distance from The Mall approximately 400 meters.

Gun Hill names as “Gun” because during independence days a shot is fired from the hill in mid of the day and let people set the time in their watches.

Location: It is in Rajmandi which is in Landour.

Best Time To Visit: In Summers.

Temperature: In Winters 20-35 °C and In Summers -5 -10 °C .

6- Lal Tibba Scenic Point

Lal Tibba Scenic Point
“Lal Tibba Scenic Point”
#6 Places To Visit In Musoorie

As I told you above the gun hill is the second highest peak mountain in the Mussoorie and the first highest peak mountain in the Mussoorie is “Lal Tibba“.

Except for high altitude mountains in Lal Tibba, the environment of the Lal Tibba is Pleasant and relaxing. This place is attracted to a lot of tourists.

It is approximately 4.6 KM away from Mussoorie anyone can reach here by means of the road as well as walking and other transport facilities are available.

Location: It is in Lal Tibba Binoculars which is on Bazar Road of Landour.

Best Time To Visit: March-July.

Temperature: 17.5 °C (Annual Average).

7- Herna Hill

herne hill
“Herne Hill”
#7 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Herne Hill is also known as “flag hill”. It is located in the happy valley of Mussoorie. In the winter season, snow is on mountains which attract tourists most in this season to visit in Herne Hill.

There are many colorful flags on the Herne hill which is connected to each other consecutively which is attached to trees.

There is very peaceful, calm and relaxing environment which is also very good place for photography.

Location: It is in mall road of Laxman Puri in Landour.

Best Time To Visit: Both Summers and Winters.

Temperature: 14.9°C .

8- Cloud End

cloud end mussoorie
Cloud End
#8 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Peace can be found easily at the cloud end. On top of the mountain which is above the clouds, the view is very satisfying.

A Bungalow which is made by a British person can be seen from the cloud end. The Bungalow is also known as the oldest building of the Mussoorie and now, it is converted to a hotel.

As this place offers many activities for tourists like nature walk in a nearby forest, climbing, etc. Most of the wildlife bloggers like this place.

Location: It is approx. 6 Km from Mussoorie Library.

Best Time To Visit: April-June and September-November.

Temperature: 14°C (Min.) And 35 °C (Max.).

9- Shikar Fall

Shikar Falls
Shikar Falls
#9 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Like Kempty Falls, Mossy falls, Bhatta falls. Shikhar Falls is also a picnic spot and falling water sound gives a genuine feel of nature. Water falling is very clean like crystals.

Many people come here for photography because near Kempty Fall there are some unique species of bird and Butterfly found.

The environment of Kempty Fall is pleasant, silent because Kempty fall is located in forests. Kempty Fall is 12.8 KM away from Dehradun.

Location: It is in Kairwaan Gaon which is in Dumal Gaon.

Best Time To Visit: October-June.

Temperature: 24.6°C (Annual Average).

10- Jawahar Aquarium

Jawahar Aquarium
Jawahar Aquarium
#10 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

In Jawahar, Aquarium photography is not allowed. Fishes in the aquarium are exotic and well presented. This place is near to Gun Hill you can quickly reach here by cable cars from the gun hill.

This is a small aquarium on mall road. If you want to visit Jawahar Aquarium you have to pay fees approximately 35 INR.

As on survey, Most of the people says that visiting Jawahar aquarium is completely waste of time while few people say its a good place.

Location: It is in Survey Colony of The Mall Road.

Best Time To Visit: Any Season but before 10 PM.

Temperature: —-

11- Nag Devta Temple

Nag Devta Temple
#11 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

It is an ancient Hindu temple in Mussoorie. people come here across the country on Hindu festival nag punchmi. On the occasion of nag punchmi, devotes bath cobras and feed them with milk.

On the Occassion of Nag Punchmi, a grand Pooja is organized many devotees come here in the evening time of Punchmi to get blessed by god Lord Shiva.

Nag Devta Temple is located on the way to Dehradun which is approximately 6 KM away from Mussoorie.

Location: It is on Cart Mecange road which is in Mussoorie.

Best Time To Visit: Any Season but before 12 PM.

Temperature: —-

12- George Everest Peak

George Everest Peak In Mussoorie
George Everest Peak
#12 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

George Everest Peak is on the name of “Sir George Everest“. He is a British surveyor served as “Surveyor General Of India“.

Most of the photographers love to visit George Everest Peak for clicking pictures of the sunset, mountains, etc. and making time escape with their cameras.

On the Top of the mountain, there is a lot of colorful flags are attached. there is also a house and laboratory of Sir George.

Location: It is in Khanji Nagar which is in Uttarakhand.

Best Time To Visit: April-June and In Winter Season.

Temperature: 18°C (Min.) and 28 °C (Max.)

13- Union Church

Union Church Mussoorie
“Union Church”
#13 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

The oldest churches in the whole Mussoorie is Union Church which was built in 1874. It is situated near the picture palace going towards the clock tower.

Union Church is a very calm and quiet place. If you want to visit union church then you have to be on time because this church is open for a limited period of time

Schedule for Visiting Union Church:

  • Sundays – 8 AM-8 PM
  • Mondays – 8 AM-8 PM
  • Tuesdays – 8 AM-8 PM
  • Wednesdays – 8 AM-8 PM
  • Thursdays – 8 AM-8 PM
  • Fridays – 8 AM-8 PM
  • Saturdays – 8 AM-8 PM

Location: It is in Picture Palace

Best Time To Visit: Sundays 10 AM

Temperature: —-

14- Benog Tibba

Benong Tibba Mussoorie
Benong Tibba
#14 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Benong Tibba is famous for hiking it is good to place for the beginner for hiking. Benong Tibba is also referred to as “Queen Of Hill“.

The attraction for the tourist regarding this place is for an adventure like hiking. There some houses which are on the top of the mountains.

Benong Tibba is most visited in winter because of snowfall it makes an awesome view with pleasant weather. In winter season snowfall happens in the morning time or in Mid-Night.

Location: It is in Kandi Jethuki.

Best Time To Visit: Anytime.

Temperature: Approx. 21°C (Annual Average).

15- Camels Back Road

Camels back road mussoorie
Camel’s Back Road
#15 Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Camel Road is must visited by the tourist along with the nature walk with this road. This is called “Camel Road” because on the mountains stones are formed in the shape of a camel which is quite similar to actual camel shape.

It is situated in the center of the Mussoorie and it can be easily reached by walking or by autorickshaw. In Summer, Camelback Road is a slightly crowded area in Morning as well as in Evening time.

Location: Near To The Mall Road

Best Time To Visit: In Summers.

Temperature: 10.3°C (Annual Average)

Frequently Asked Questions About Mussoorie

Que- Best Places To Visit In Mussoorie?

  • Mussoorie Lake.
  • Gun Hill Point.
  • Lal Tibba Scenic Point.
  • Bhatta Falls.
  • Kempty Falls.
  • Mossy Falls.
  • George Everest Peak.
  • Shikhar Falls.
  • Cloud End.

Que-Best Time To Visit In Mussoorie? (Summer or Winter)

Every Place in Mussoorie has a different time to enjoy. Here, I will tell you to visit the best places for summer and winters.

In Summers:

  • Mussoorie Lake.
  • Bhatta Falls.
  • Kempty Falls.
  • Mossy Falls.
  • Shikhar Falls.
  • Cloud End.

In Winters:

  • Gun Hill Point.
  • Lal Tibba Scenic Point.
  • George Everest Peak.
  • Cloud End.

Mussoorie Lake is most preferred to visit in Monsoon Season”

Que-Is Mussoorie Safe To Travel ?

Yes, It the best tourist destination nowadays people from across the country come here for seeing natural beauty it often also called “Queen Of Hills”. It is quite safe to travel.

Que- Snowfall Time In Mussoorie?

Mussoorie is also called as “Queen Of Hills”. Sometimes in winter Snowfall happens in Mid-Night Time or Morning Time. Most of the tourist come here for seeing the natural beauty and the environment of the Mussoorie is Quite, pleasant and relaxing.

Que- Is Good Transport Facilities Are Available In Mussoorie?

Yes, many public transport facilities are available like Buses, Rickshaws, Railway Stations.

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